Mardi 16 octobre 2018, de 14h à 16h
IEP Rennes - Salle du conseil

Cities and Social Movements

Dans le cadre du séminaire général, Walter Nicholls, Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Public Policy, University of California, présentera son ouvrage :  « Cities and Social Movements: Immigrant Rights Activism in the US, France, and the Netherlands, 1970-2015 » (Wiley 2016), le mardi 16 octobre 2018 à 14h dans la salle du conseil de l’IEP Rennes.

La présentation sera discutée par Jean-Luc Richard (Université Rennes 1, Arènes) et Thomas Aguilera (Sciences Po Rennes, Arènes).

Through historical and comparative research on the immigrant rights movements of the United States, France and the Netherlands, Cities and Social Movements examines how small resistances against restrictive immigration policies do – or don’t – develop into large and sustained mobilizations. The book presents a comprehensive, comparative analysis of immigrant rights politics in three countries over a period of five decades, providing vivid accounts of the processes through which immigrants activists challenged or confirmed the status quo. It provides a unique contribution by examining how geography is implicated in the evolution of social movements, discovering how and why the networks constituting movements grow by tracing where they develop. Finally, it demonstrates how efforts to enforce national borders trigger countless resistances and shows how some environments provide the relational opportunities to nurture these small resistances into sustained mobilization.

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