Regional Governance and Power in France. The Dynamics of Political Space

Pasquier Romain

Regional Governance and Power in France. The Dynamics of Political Space

Palgrave Macmillan, avril 2015, 240 p.

In the shadow of a French national narrative which demonises and rejects local specificities, highly differentiated territorial political spaces have been created, shaped by the dynamics of identity, decentralisation, and public policy.

This book analyses regions as loose and flexible political spaces, in which institutionalisation is far from being a one-way process. A variety of actors contribute to the upward, downward and horizontal dynamics which make up these spaces. Institutionalising regional space comprises three dimensions: institutionalisation as a result of cultural, social and political mobilisation; via the implementation of policies for territorial justice and decentralisation; and finally via the deployment of a system of regional governance.

This analysis of regional power in France paints a picture of a controversial central state undergoing fundamental changes, and of a decentralised republic at a crossroads. It is essential reading for students and researchers working on issues of territorial governance and decentralisation in France and more widely in Europe.



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