Shaping the Futures of Young Europeans, education governance in eight European countries

Parreira do Amaral, Roger Dale & Patricia Loncle

Shaping the Futures of Young Europeans, education governance in eight European countries

This book discusses how the ways that young people’s educational trajectories into and beyond lower secondary education are regulated can influence their future lives. It draws on the results of empirical studies in eight European countries: Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and the United Kingdom (England and Northern Ireland), carried out under the EU-funded GOETE project. The book explores the different ways that educational trajectories are – actively or passively – conceptualised, negotiated and organised in the individual countries, and the ways that these shape educational opportunities and life chances. Its central aims are to elaborate the different ways in which educational trajectories are governed in the eight countries, and to compare the differences between those approaches and their outcomes in the eight countries. It focuses on the relationships between the different (national and local) forms and outcomes of interactions between collective and individual actors, structures, institutions, mechanisms, and discourses that exert influence on education policy and practice at various levels: inter- and trans-national, nation-state, regional, local or school levels.
The chapters are organised in two parts. Part One develops and discusses the conceptual framework that drove the empirical analyses of the governance of educational trajectories. Part Two discusses different ways in which the spatial/scalar, discursive and institutional dimensions of the governance of educational trajectories affect the educational experiences and life courses of the young people in the eight countries. These chapters focus on different aspects of those experiences, such as issues of access to and coping within educational settings, the role of parents and students in the processes and consequences of transitions, provision for supporting migrant students, and conceptions of the relevance of education. Overall, the comparative approach to governance adopted in the volume makes it possible to identify key sources and consequences of the similarities and differences of the approaches to, and practices of, educational transitions adopted in the eight countries.
Patricia Loncle, Marcelo Parreira do Amaral & Roger Dale. Introduction. Shaping the Futures of Young Europeans: education governance in eight European countries
Roger Dale & Marcelo Parreira do Amaral. Discursive and Institutional Opportunity Structures in the Governance of Educational Trajectories
Yuri Kazepov, Susan Robertson & Risto Rinne. Space, Scale and the Governance of Youth Trajectories and Transitions in Europe
Marcelo Parreira do Amaral & Risto Rinne. Reading Discourses in the Governance of Educational Trajectories of Youth in Europe
Karin Amos & Roger Dale. Governance and Disadvantage: discursive opportunity structures framing the educational trajectories of children and youth from migrant background
Karin Amos, Alessandro Martelli, Patricia Loncle & Roger Dale. Translation and Interpretation of Policy Instruments and Negotiation of Subject Positions
Patricia Loncle, Valérie Becquet, Simon Jahnich, Karin Amos, Alessandro Martelli & Ulrich Theobald. Students and Parents as Actors of the Educational Governance
Eduardo Barberis & Patricia Loncle. Governance and Disadvantage: institutional opportunity structures at local level
Roger Dale & Marcelo Parreira do Amaral. Conclusion. Distributing Life Chances through the Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe
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